Foothills WFC Camp underway with Coach Flannery

Foothills WFC trains every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evening from 730-900pm at the Foothills Fieldhouse. Their season begins on the road in Regina then open their home season on June 2nd.

Training Camp has begun for Foothills WFC. Here is a Q and A with coach Troye Flannery after Day 1.

Q: We have been planning and planning, now action is in the field. That must be a nice change of pace.

A: It’s stressful because we are still planning and we are chipping away. Players are still coming in and arriving daily and we have to get ready for the first test of the season. But it’s also exciting because it’s new, new kits, new uniforms, new players, new season. We set our standard here tonight on and off the field and that’s super exciting for sure.

Q: You were ready for a new start. The calendar flipped to 2019, and everyone now is at 0-0. You want to build on everything from the past but you’re also ready to start anew.

A: It’s truly flipping the page. We have a clean slate. Nothing matters, none of those accolades. We are 0-0 and we play our first game in a few weeks and out intent is to go 1-0 and if we do that, we are 0-0 again. It’s a constant state of reset. That’s how you do these short, tournament style seasons. You have to stay in the moment and keep focusing on those details and that’s what we are here to do.

Q: You have a few first year signees. What have you seen from them in terms of fitting in both on and off the field.

A: It’s a great group. We have our core back and there are some new faces but they fit in. There is some personality on display. They all worked hard tonight trying to impress. We have more depth than we ever have and super excited for the opportunity that’s been granted to some of these players because they are great players and good people, and that’s what this platform is for.

Q: There are a few U of C Dinos on the UWS roster. Is it nice to have them before September.

A: They are probably tired of me but yes. We have our whole back four which was award winning this past season. We have Jordan Smith, one of our very best of all time. We've got one of our attacking players, Montana Leonard, staying in Calgary this summer from B.C. Sienna Prince-McPherson is here as well. We signed our all-star goalkeeper Lauren Houghton on Wednesday. There a lot of DInos here, it so good for that program and for this one. The DInos have been good for us. I am very fortunate to be part of both programs. UWS will make them better, more experienced. We are going to learn a bunch this season as a group, myself included, and we are going to be better tomorrow than we were today.

Foothills FC