Doctor Rehana Murani juggles medicine with soccer

While being a doctor, Rehana Murani of Foothills WFC has learned to be a great juggler, of time.

After being the tomboy little sis to her brother Imran and wanting to play what he and her dad played, Murani has taken her natural talents, time management skills and love of the game to reach the highest levels in all aspects of her life.

Her elite achievements began as a teenager as she appeared for team Canada at the 2010 CONCACAF U-20 championships where the team travelled to Guatemala City, Guatemala in an attempt to qualify for the FIFA U-20 Women's World Cup later that year. Unfortunately despite being perfect in the group stage, the team would finish fourth and just miss out.

“Every player hopes to play for Canada. Everything was memorable, from putting on the jersey to walking through the tunnel for the first match. It was one of my top five moments in my soccer career.”

Playing in Guatemala was a unique experience as well.

“It was a very interesting place to play. We were taken to the stadium with a police escort, it was quite eye opening.”

The exposure for the national team was her four year career at University of South Florida in from 2008 to 2011 after finishing high school at Salisbury High School in Sherwood Park. Rehana says while the weather conditions from the Alberta capital to Tampa Bay took some getting used to, it was a great program to be a part of.

“My first year, there were 17 freshmen and we made the top 25 ranking. Our group was part of the building the program has done to the success they have currently. I was proud to be part of it.”

During the 2010 season, Rehana and the Bulls made their first ever NCAA tournament, the club has been back three times since.

In the classroom, Murani earned a Bio-Medical Science degree which in Canadian terms is a Bachelor of Science degree, in 2011.

In 2016 Rehana graduated from the University of Alberta as a Doctor of Medicine then moved to Calgary for her residency after graduation.

She is on call seven to eight nights a month which makes her soccer career a bit of a juggling act, but everyone on both sides of her hectic life have been her support system.

 “I have a lot of people supporting me and my goals,” she says. “My program is okay with me missing the odd day for training or matches, and when I’m on call, Troye and Lee (Tucker, assistant coach) know I may have to leave a training session.

She is in her fourth year of specialization in the area of physical medicine and rehabilitation.

“I work in neurological rehab dealing with spinal cord and stroke victims. We get them stabilized from their condition to walk again and talk again,” she says on a long bus ride back from Regina. Foothills WFC had just won their opening match 5-0 over Queen City United and Rehana scored the fifth goal on a nice tap from a pass from the midfield.

Athletes might be the world experts in time management, and being a doctor stresses her schedule that much more.

“There is a lot of mental and physical fatigue as well because to make the team I have to perform as well as girls who wait all day for training. Fortunately my husband is very supportive.

“Sports are the basis for resiliency and this is where elite athletes learn what they need to succeed for the next aspect of their lives.”

The soon to be 29 year old returns for her second season with the United Women’s Soccer league club  after playing in the Alberta Major Soccer League for the Calgary Blizzard.

In 2018, she was a Western conference first team all-star, and an all-UWS second team all-star.

Foothills WFC coach Troye Flannery says Rehana is one of the most competitive players he’s coached.

“She’s a winner. Her habits at training and on match day are second to none. Pure class.

“You often see her coming early to training with books. She’s always studying, she’s always on call. She’s a phenomenal communicator and keeps in constant contact with her current schedule situation and doesn’t miss a beat.”

From the little girl learning the game her brother and family love so much, to playing for Canada’s highest level club team Rehana says all of her success on the pitch just pushes her harder to achieve.

Rehana and her team continue their quest for another trip to the UWS national championships with their home opener on June 2nd at 2pm with a rematch against Queen City at the pitch at Mount Royal University.

“I can’t imagine football not being in my life.”


Rehana would be available for interviews after the team’s match on June 2nd, or during training sessions Tuesday through Thursday evenings at the Foothills Fieldhouse at 111 Exploration Avenue.


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Foothills WFC has been operating in Calgary and competing in the United Women’s Soccer, competing in the Western Conference since 2017. Last season, Foothills captured the Western Conference regular season title and travelled to Michigan for the 2018 nationals where they lost to the eventual champions, the Houston Aces in the semifinal. Foothills WFC’s mandate is to be a bridge for the future stars of the game to develop and succeed in Canada, while providing our fans with a premier sporting experience.

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The league was formed late in 2015 under the belief that there was a gap in the development of the female soccer player between the collegiate game and the professional & international game. A dedicated Tier 2 league was needed. UWS will fill that gap with a summer competitive season that will help the collegiate player evolve & enhance their game for fall competition while giving the post-collegiate player a chance to further develop for the professional and international ranks.

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