Foothills WFC Win Second Straight Western Conference Championship, going Back to Nationals

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July 10 – Calgary, AB

Foothills WFC came home after almost a month and defeated Colorado Pride 6-0 in front of an enthusiastic crowd on Sunday at Mount Royal University’s stadium field. Foothills WFC finish 6-1-1 on the season and capture another Western Conference title in the United Women’s Soccer National League.

Courtesy of a hat trick from Alex Lamontagne, two from Joelle Gosselin and a single for Elise Emmott, Foothills WFC was a dominant force for almost every minute of the match.

“To be champions again in the group of death, we can’t ask for a better end,” said Gosselin.  “To score a lot of goals, it gives a lot of confidence for the next step.”

She said she didn’t get as many goals as she wanted this year so to finish like that was great.

“We have such a strong group of girls and they just give perfect passes and I just have to put it in. We started the season and we finished it like that also. For the national championship it’s the best way we can go in.”

The championship final four will be the weekend of July 19-21 at a location to be determined. As Western Conference champions, Foothills WFC earn the bye right to that event, while other playoffs will take place next weekend all across America.

The first two goals and the fifth came from Alex Lamontagne, a team Canada veteran and player in the French first division in 2018.

“Coming into the game I was buzzing to get going and buzzing to win,” she said.  “I couldn’t have scored those without my teammates, I’m very thankful for them.”

Several of Foothills WFC’s goals were creative and developed quickly. Lamontagne said they came in with a specific strategy from their training sessions.

“We definitely came in with a plan to exploit their fullbacks and play through the centre, and we executed very well,” the hat trick scorer said after all the celebrations. “I get excited for those kinds of goals. After the hard work of beating the players in front of me, I kept my cool and was happy to finish them off.”


During the eight game regular season, Foothills WFC finished with 19 points. The L.A. Galaxy OC women’s team ended with 17 and will play in the wild card round, while the Santa Clarita Blue Heat, who Foothills WFC split with in wins and goals, wrapped up with 16.

In summation of the completed regular season, Foothills WFC’s head coach Troye Flannery said that the players needed a commitment to the details and the habits that the coaches talk about so much about.

“We push this group pretty hard and the reward is a bit of success here and there. In a very short season like this you need to come together as a team, you need leadership on the field, you need good players and we have all of that.

Last year they won the title in Los Angeles against Galaxy, so finishing at home on Sunday was that much more special.

“It’s how you want to finish the season,” Flannery said. “We’ve been away quite a while and Mount Royal has been good to us in more ways than one. We’ve had good crowd support so we wanted to put on a bit of show and we did that.”

The club was missing some of their key players, Damiane Sawatzky, Rehana Murani, Mya Jones, and Tanya Boychuk, but the coach said a lot of other players really stepped up.

“We have 25 on the roster and you can only dress 18. They are all trying to make a statement about getting into the 18 for the final four and some did that. “I thought Sienna (Prince-McPherson) was exceptional, Elise (Emmott) had good moments, Alex (Lamontagne) was flying and Joelle (Gosselin) scores goals for fun.”

He said last year they were considered the underdog, but he can’t play that card anymore.

“It feels good, and I knew it would be more difficult last year so I’m proud of that. When I saw the list of players other teams had signed I felt a bit of pressure this year.”

“Last year we went to the final four and bowed out in the semi-final, but we’re not done, we want to go win. This club and these players deserve that and so does the city, and that’s what we are going to keep doing.”

Media Opportunity: Foothills WFC will be training at the Foothills Fieldhouse at 111 Exploration Avenue on Wednesday and Thursday night from 7:30pm-9:00pm. All media are invited to film or photograph the session and get interviews with players and coaches.




Foothills WFC has been operating in Calgary and competing in the United Women’s Soccer National league, competing in the Western Conference since 2017. Last season, Foothills captured the Western regular season title and travelled to Michigan for the 2018 nationals where they lost to the eventual champions, the Houston Aces in the semi-final. Foothills WFC’s mandate is to be a bridge for the future stars of the game to develop and succeed in Canada, while providing our fans with a premier sporting experience.


Foothills FC would like to thank all its sponsors including our jersey and game day sponsors: Telus, PetroTranz, Rogers Insurance, Secure Energy, Field Safe Solutions and Strikers Soccer



The league was formed late in 2015 under the belief that there was a gap in the development of the female soccer player between the collegiate game and the professional & international game.

A dedicated Tier 2 league was needed. UWS will fill that gap with a summer competitive season that will help the collegiate player evolve & enhance their game for fall competition while giving the post-collegiate player a chance to further develop for the professional & international ranks.

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