What is UWS (United Women’s Soccer)

·         It is the second level of the U.S. Soccer federation’s pyramid, underneath the National Women’s Soccer League

·         2019 was the league’s fourth season and Foothills WFC’s third, Foothills WFC and Queen City United from Regina were the two Canadian teams in the league

·         Foothills were the Western Conference champions in 2018, and second in the west in 2017

·         The league featured 24 teams in 2019, including the following teams in the Western Conference, Foothills WFC played home and away against each team during their 8 game season

o   Queen City FC (Regina)

o   Santa Clarita (California) Blue Heat

o   L.A. Galaxy Women          

o   Colorado Pride (Colorado Springs)

·         UWS has teams from all over North America, CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION

·         Many league players have previous professional and/or national team experience, like Canada’s starting goalkeeper and Olympic bronze medalist Stephanie Labbe